The conference is a continuation of a series of regular meetings of Czech, Polish and Slovak optical communities started in Rusava (the Czech Republic), in 1972. After a short interruption between 1980 and 1990, the meetings have grown to conferences under the name "Wave and quantum aspects of contemporary optics". For 40 years, the conference organized biannually in turn in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland has become a place to exchange knowledge on the latests optical research, to meet friends and co-workers including new young scientistis.

The 21th conference is organized by the Institute of Scientific Instruments of the CAS, Czech Republic. 

The conference offers invited and contributed presentations in oral and poster sessions. Contributions in the following areas are welcome:

  • quantum and nonlinear optics

  • wave and geometrical optics

  • optical communication and information processing

  • lasers and laser-assisted manufacturing

  • life sciences and health

  • lighting and displays

  • metrology and sensors

  • design and manufacture of optical components

  • education for research and training in optics.


The Proceedings of this conference will be published in the SPIE Digital Library with over 470,000 papers from other outstanding conferences and SPIE Journals and books from SPIE Press.
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